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Making your life easier. No need for complicated links and hyper links. Just all in a pop.

Nothing else! its a simple as that! We Count Collate Re-Link Lighten

About Us.

We take care of your linking, all your needs and requirement, with a simple settings. Without any complicated coding and knowledge, we simply take all the stress from you, all on one little easy interface

Download reports when required, at a click of a button, with our simple to use format and our unique our 1-2-3 solution.

With a 99.99% uptime, you are sure to get a perfect service.

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We offer a range of services which we sort out for you. The services are extremely broad, however below are a simple list.

Simple Link

We'll do the straight link for you. Clean & Simple linking. See the refferals broken down into simple links.

Easy Linking

Link to a website, and we will assist you with the linking through to the end page.

Advanced Linking

We will take the link for you and automatically turn it into a link which you would like. A must for any web host.


We will provide quality advice how to best link an item.

Keen integration

We will integrate this into your website, in a simplistic way. We can create a landing page or simple referral.


Easy email support. We will get back to customers very quickly.


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